Death of itunes: Apple is shutting down its music library

Death of itunes: Apple is shutting down its music library

“What happens to my music library?”

It’s the question on the lips of many who adopted iTunes in the early 2000s and invested heavily in the platform assuming, perhaps naively, that it would always be there.

Social media erupted when the news broke on Saturday that iTunes is soon to be no more.

There was plenty of concern for playlists and music and movies downloaded over almost 20 years, but Apple won’t let those personal back catalogues disappear — they’ll be moving them over to a trio of new apps.

Most of the reaction was from users nostalgic about the end of an era for technology that relegated CDs to the drawer that never gets opened in the TV unit and ushered in the iPod.

Apple has cleared out its Facebook and Instagram pages for iTunes

It’s looking more and more likely that iTunes’ days are numbered. MacRumorsand Redditors noticed that Apple has cleared out its Instagram and Facebook pages for the program, removing all of its pictures, posts, and videos.

MacRumors notes that Apple appears to have migrated its iTunes accounts over to their Apple TV counterparts on Facebook and Instagram. Its Twitter account remains untouched for now.

The writing has been on the wall for the end of iTunes for a little while now. Reports in April suggested that Apple was planning to break it up in favor of separate apps for Music, Podcasts, and TV with the next version of macOS, although it’s reported that the Music app will pretty much have the same functionality. Last week, leaked screenshots showed off what looked to be the Apple Music and Apple TV apps, and a roundup of Apple’s plans for next week by Bloomberg indicated that Apple is indeed axing the program, in favor of those separate applications.

We’ll find out tomorrow when Apple kicks off its Worldwide Developers Conference. In addition to finding out iTunes’ fate, we’ll likely also get news of a new Mac Pro, iOS 13, and more.

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